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Welcome to Elevation Health Coaching!

I want to start by thanking you being here. I am very, very passionate about lifting women up and helping them become the best badass, independent, adventurous versions of themselves.

Have you always wanted to be the type of person who is constantly outside, exploring, adventuring, and having fun?

Maybe you've always wanted to start hiking or trail running or skiing or rock climbing but have never felt brave enough to do it?

Do you want to stop obsessing about food, tracking your weight, and learn to enjoy previously "off-limits" food?

Or maybe you already have an outdoor activity you enjoy and want to learn how to fuel yourself well enough to crush it?

I'm here for you. My goal is to EDUCATE you, inspire you to reach for things that scare you, and guide you to that version of yourself.

That being said - lifestyle change is WORK. You have to be willing to dig deep and go the distance. We aren't looking for quick fixes or detox diets here!

A little bit more about myself;

I'm an ICU nurse, fitting in coaching around my full time job. I first fell in love with movement through running before discovering my true love - the outdoors. I am up for just about any outdoor adventure - hiking, skiing, climbing, trail running, backpacking, camping, you name it! My main hobbies are hiking, trail running, and climbing mountains. I'm planning on running my first 50K ultramarathon this year (a big, scary goal for me!).

I've worked as a travel nurse for several years, which means I took temporary jobs all over the country, getting to travel to cool places like California, Colorado, and Arizona. It also means I got really good at traveling by myself! I used to be afraid of hiking alone, let alone going on vacation alone...No more haha.

Nutrition wise, I also struggled for years with restricting & binging, trying lots of extreme diets before arriving at a healthier place, both mentally & physically. I've lost a total of 35lbs since my heaviest weight and I hope to help other women avoid the mistakes that I made.

I'm glad you're here. Shoot me an email to learn more!


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