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What I Offer...


One-on-One Coaching

We'll focus heavily on your body's feedback & how you're feeling in order to guide how many calories and macronutrients you should be eating. Along the way, you can expect to work on get stronger/fitter, start healing your relationship with food, work on body acceptance, and find freedom from dieting. You'll work on growing into the independent, active, adventurous person you want to be. 

I am an ideal coach for women who ​

  • want to be more outdoorsy or adventurous

  • are brand new or started a fitness regimen recently

  • want to push their boundaries & conquer their fears

  • want to travel and explore - AND eat well.

What you Get

A 45 minute consultation call

Form a unique goals & habits trajectory plan

Personalized nutrition plan with macronutrient recommendations

One-on-one check-ins with your coach

Periodic re-assessments & new goal setting!

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